Play Online For Rebates

Now here is something rewarding while playing games. You do not get to see this kind of service from just about anywhere. A site, that lets you play trivia and earn rebates on Amazon products … FREE! That’s right. Free!

So how does this work? You earn tokens playing against other players. Players do not buy tokens but are given tokens to play. Free, remember? The same tokens can be redeemed for instant online rebates when you buy from their Amazon Winbusel store, all the while letting you also earn 11% for your local charities.

How is that for a sweet deal? There are so many game categories for you to choose from that there will surely be a game that you will like. The concept is really simple. Play for free and redeem your points, then shop what you like.
You will know more about Winbusel and their games when you visit their site.

Come on. Start playing and start redeeming those tokens at Winbusel – Play 4 Rebates.

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