Windows 8 And Counting …

For the first time in a long time, my curiosity for a Windows operating system has finally kicked in. I have never used Vista after that one time when I wanted to check out all the hype (and deleted it right away), nor have I ever used Windows 7 despite their claim that it is not a resource hogger unlike Vista.

Windows 8 though … now this is something else. And I mean something new. Following Apple’s style with theier next operating system, the next version of Windows will look a lot like Windows Phone 7.

CNet divulged a few details that Microsoft unveiled the design for Windows 8 at the All Things Digital conference. The software giant plans to provide a more extensive demonstration at a conference for application developers this coming September.

Something new is always something good and incorporating features in Windows Phone 7 looks to be attractive. After all this time, I finally may decide to try and switch to a new Windows version. I still prefer XP over its other sequels.

Photo from CNN.

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