Create An iPhone App For Your Blog, Free!

Now, this is a first for me: an online service where you can create an iPhone app for your blog. And all these come for free! Also, when I say iPhone app, I meant native iPhone application. How this works is very easy.

Bloapp provides a blank iPhone app in Apple’s Appstore. What you need to do then is to register your blog site with them and customize the app according to your preferences.

A certain QR code will be generated specifically for your brand new app and your readers will then be able to snap this QR code and get your app. Sounds easy right? You do not have to worry about the technicalities. Everything is done behind the scenes and you only need to worry about customizing the app to make it look presentable and attractive.

The tools to customize your app are sufficient. Do not expect the user interface tools to be full of overly exaggerated features. Bloapp has more than enough of them and makes your app look good. After all, the best looking apps for smart phones are those that look simple, yet provide rich details.

Why don’t you give it a try? There are no trial periods, no subscription fees and hidden charges. It is all free! Visit and convert your blog into native iPhone appsign-up here for free.

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  1. Great info . . . thanks for posting. I’ve tried signing up my blog at bloapp a few times just now and I keep getting an error message. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon.

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