Text Twist 2 For iTouch

Text Twist 2’s game play for the iTouch offers some different twists. The game now has different modes so you can enjoy more letter twisting mania. Developed by GameHouse, you try your skills in five challenging game modes: timed and untimed, letter mania, lightning and daily word.

In letter mania, you fill in the whole anagram grid before time runs out. Each letter used is replaced by another. In lightning, you try unscramble all five words as quickly as possible. And with daily word, you try to find the longest word available.

All these ensure that your fingers will stay glued to the game until you surrender ha ha! I wanted them to stick to the original game play in timed and untimed mode where words guessed are sorted alphabetically. Instead, whatever word you guess will appear on the first empty slot it can find so it is harder to guess the word since you do not have any cheat pattern to guide yourself with.

I always play the untimed mode because I find it enjoyable to play something that does not force me to rush on things. Every game also gives you two chances to solve the longest word in case you get stuck, so that helps. And I think this feature is needed because there are so many never-seen-before words to me.

And it gets very hard to guess if that weird word is the longest one. It can be irritating at times but, well … that is the dictionary that they used for this game. Overall, this game is a great deal. You definitely should get this one. Once a classic, always a classic.

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