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Those without televisions can find Muzu TV a great portal for individual music videos. You can stream all you want, any time you want. The service is free and you do not have to register to view videos.

But if you plan to upload, then you have to register. Do not worry. This is also free. With over 80,000 free music videos, there is just too many to count. Get all the latest music videos and news in your activity feed since Muzu has a social networking vibe into it as well (ain’t all sites all?).

You can also save all your favorite music videos to playlists and share with your friends. Muzu is not just for views actually. They are more than just viewable music videos.

Artists, bands, DJs and others can take advantage of this service to post their own music videos to share to the world. Visit the site now and try searching for a video. Chances are, even those new ones that you see in news and on TV can be found here.

Muzu is for music. And music is for everyone. Watch, create and share music video playlists. Check out these videos: Glasvegas Shine Like StarsJLS She Makes Me Wanna and David Guetta Little Bad Girl.

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