Babylonian Twins For iTouch

Babylonian Twins for the iTouch is a good game. And this is no bias. Even though a game has great graphics, it is not a sure shot to my liking if the game play sucks. This game though, is different. You play the twin princes of Babylon, Nasir and Blasir, in their quest for peace in ancient Iraq.

You need to use each of them at one time in order to move past obstacles, solve challenging puzzles, find hidden treasures and unlock bonus levels. Experience a masterpiece of ancient Mesopotamian art like nothing you have seen before.

The game features a dozens of levels spread across Five Worlds (Tower of Babel, The Assyrian Place, The Procession Street and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon). This game surely makes it worth your while.

The game is pretty simple and you will have no problem going through the tutorials and getting used to each other’s special abilities.

This is a thumbs up for me and I highly recommend this to anybody looking for a unique puzzle solving arcade platform game for their Apple device.

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