Internet phone service just does not save money – It is a stylish phone service too

Internet phone or VoIP is an excellent phone service that is a lot different from the telephone. There are many points of differentiation that make this service a lot better.

Here is a revisit to all those factors that prove it very a superior phone service.

Saving on money

The first biggest advantage of having this service is that it helps you save a lot of money, which you cannot save with the ordinary telephone. The amount of money you could save with telephone was meager and on top of that, you could not enjoy any of the calling freedom. This is however different in case of internet phone. You do not have to worry about the ever-mounting amount of phone bills. Instead, the call rates are cheap and you get meaningful money savings. No matter what type of calling needs you have, you would still be able to meet them within a very low budget. Internet phone allows you to make unlimited number of phone calls without paying too much phone bill.

Getting extra features

The feature count is also important for any service and it becomes even more significant when we are talking about a phone service. Internet phone is able to offer loads of new features to its customers, while telephone service lacks in offering the most basic features. Telephone still has not been able to grow itself beyond a basic call making and receiving phone service. With internet phone, you can enjoy a range of different features including; simultaneous ring, call log records, codec support, E911 support, anonymous call rejection, and distinctive ring etc.

Extra-ordinary call plans

Call plans offered by each of the VoIP provider are different. Telephone services offer very few plan options and all the plans that they offer look very similar in nature. Internet phone service offers high value for money calling plans for the subscribers. Subscribing to a reliable internet phone service like Axvoice will make sure that you get lot of call plans. VoIP service offers businesses and individuals both call plans specifically tailored in accordance with their particular requirements. However, not all services offer that wide variety of call plans. You should always select a service that is offering you many choices in terms of calling plans, so you choose the best option available out there.

High quality service

The quality of service also varies greatly from one service provider to the other. Telephone service is still relying on the decades old copper wire technology that is no longer able to take the load of changing phone user demands. Use of internet improves the overall quality of the phone service. Reliance on internet also improves the reliability of this service, as we all know how telephone service struggles in offering a problem free phone service.

Portability of the phone

Internet phone service’s one big advantage is its ability to access it from any place in the world. This is a great advantage for people who need to use their phone outside their home or office. Customers also do not need to pay any additional cost for this.

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  1. Low cost is perhaps the only reason for the popularity of voip. It is no doubt the cheapest phone service available in the market. You can start with any voip service in $10-$15. In that money they will provide you unlimited calls.

  2. Well you can start even in $0 with voip. The prices of voip service are far low than our expectations. This is why most of the land line service providers are secretly switching their infrastructure to VoIP.

  3. I know many of my friends who switched to VoIP just because of its low cost. A friend of mine was running an online business. He got a toll free number from a VoIP service provider and put it on his website. This small step really helped him a lot.

  4. We have to accept many people switch to VoIP just because of its low rates. However, we must remember many switch to VoIP for some other reasons. I know many people who switched to VoIP because they were just fed up of the ordinary land line phone service.

  5. The fact is features are also responsible for the popularity of VoIP. It is not the price alone that is responsible for the popularity of voip. Many people switch to VoIP just because of its state of the art features.

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