Samsung Galaxy S2’s Purported 1GB RAM Ain’t Wholly True. But Should That Stop You?

I still have not gotten myself a Samsung Galxy S2. I know someone who does and he told me that the S2’s purported 1GB RAM is not wholly technically true. Physically, it does contain that 1GB RAM but only 837MB of it is used by Android. The rest is used for its graphics.

While there may be nothing wrong with it, it pisses me to know that they set it up like this. Memory RAM should not be used to compensate the RAM for its graphics. It should have its own RAM.

Do you like the Samsung Galaxy S2? Will this stop you from getting one? Performance wise, there still should be no problem with it but I guess for me not seeing the exact information as it is advertised relates to a consumer being robbed of what the product advertised should be having.

What do you think?

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  1. Just bought one to use on Straight Talk. I agree with you about the misleading info. In addition to RAM storage stats are misleading as well. Between System/USB storage I show 13.5 (available) of what is supposed to be 16GB. If they would have showed 16GB total less what is being used by system I would not have even questioned this but it didn’t so here I am…LOL

    1. @jsp: actually, android is partitioned differently. your phone has 16gb of space. however, 2gb is allocated for the android system. the 14gb is for data.

  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I understand what you are saying. My point is if they just would have showed that the total memory was 16GB I would have automatically assumed that the 2GB was dedicated to the system.

    Just as with the RAM…if it would have showed 1GB as the total (not available) I would have understood…not sure if I’m making myself clear here but anyway thanks for the forum.

  3. While I have your ear…

    Is the base version of S2 customizable? I am not rooted yet but my old phone had cyanogenmod7 and I was able to modify much more.

    I can’t find where to modify the dock or animations or anything. What does AT&T overlay on their phones or is this base android…obviously I don’t really know too much about this…just got used to my cm7 I guess.

    1. @jsp: hi, no comment on at&t overlay since mine is not. as for modifying the dock, i really dont mess the settings that much but they are all in settings. however, what you may be trying to do may be limited if it’s a stock rom. better switch to custom rom

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