How To Permanently Disable Services In Android OS

One thing that annoys most users is the fact that unwanted programs that users do not need often are ran as services. Worse, if they persistently run in the background even after you force stop them, it can get irritating.

Such is the case of Android-run phones. I recently installed Skype and found it annoying that it kept running as a service even though I force stopped it. Upon more research, I found out that this is a known issue and it can never go away unless you root your phone or if you become super admin.

Check your Android OS version to see if they are supported by root programs scatter all over the Internet. Mine is currently at 2.3.3 but I do not have plans to root it since I am waiting for 2.3.4. That version solves a battery usage issue when WIFI is turned on.

Do take note that rooting your Android phone will void the warranty, similar to what happens when you jailbreak an iPhone.

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  1. There must be a way. I dont want to root my company phone!
    Pls help to kill processes permanatly. its anoyin as hell

  2. Android modifies the user interface via one thread, the called UI Thread. If you perform a long running operation directly on the UI Thread, for example downloading a file from the internet, the user interface of your application will “freeze” until the corresponding task is finished. When this happens it is very easy for the user to perceive your application as slow read more

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