How To Take A Screenshot in Galaxy S2

Taking a screenshot using the Samsung Galaxy S2 works the same way as you do with an iPhone.

Press the home button and the power button together and you should hear a sound of a screenshot being taken. The screen will flash and you should see a text that shows it has been captured and saved.

The image above is a sample screenshot taken from my Samsung Galaxy S2 smart phone.

Note: I had been reading through comments and it is true that different o.s. versions and roms like CyanogenMod have different ways to get a screenshot than when I first had my Galaxy S2.

Someone may have already pointed this out but just in case, you may want to try pressing them sequentially but without any delays:

Press volume down button then press power button. This is what I do with my Cyanogen Mod custom ROM on Jeally Bean 4.2.

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  1. unfortunatley when pressing and holding the home button on a galaxy running froyo it brings up the task manager screen and when you push the power button the only image you get is the task manager screenshot…what a dum ass way to take a screen shot when the home button already preforms a task when you touch and hold it..this sukks.

  2. What u have to do is press the home key first and then quickly press the power key…that way task manager doesnt come up

  3. Hold down the home key
    When task manger shows up, now while holding the home down hit the return key & the task manger disappears.
    Do remember, we have not released the home key yet… Now go ahead and hit the power button….Got it! 🙂

  4. @deepak: if you rooted your phone, i recommend you install a custom rom like cyanogen mod. the long power press’s menu has a screenshot menu item where you can just tap on it and it will do the rest rather than pressing 2 other buttons just to take a screenshot

  5. Excellent! Works exactly as described in the original post on my [not rooted]S2.

    No issues with task manager popping up, just hold and tap = screenshot saved.

    Thank you for the information.

  6. if u hold the home button down too long task manager does appear. push home key and power button quickly before task manager appears. bobs ur uncle! 🙂

  7. Works perfectly! Just hold the home and the power button until you hear/see the screenshot 🙂 The screenshot can be found in /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots/ or in the Gallery in a directory called Screenshots.

  8. The best way is to hold down the “power” and the “volume down” button at the same time. It works a lot better than using the home screen button

  9. Emily thank you you Rock I couldn’t use my screenshot after my update but the volume thing worked perfectly. 😉

  10. I just updated it and cant take screen shots like before (like pressing the home button and power button at the same time) is there aby way after updating? Help!!! I use screen shot ALL thentime cause i really need it!

  11. Ashley do you know how to read? Press and hold the power and volume down button down until you hear the snapshot noise.

  12. my phone has also recently updated. The home+the power button does not work and neither does the home+the volume work. Are there any other ways you can do a screen shot?

  13. You have to hold the buttons down longer than before, it used to just snap right away but now you have to hold the buttons for a sec. I liked it better before

  14. I just updated my galaxy s2 and now it wont do the screenshot using the home and power button… Did itit change? Does anyone know how to do it with the most recent update?

  15. ok ive been trying really hard at this and i figured it out. i think the problem for a lot of people is that you used to have to press home and then power. but after the update, mine only works now if i hold down power and THEN press home. so it’s like opposite now. i hope that helped some people!

    1. hi everyone. seems like contrls for taking a screenshot vary from rom to rom. and even until now i wonder why the stock rom does not include a “take screenshot” in the menu when you press the power button.

      regardless, it is better to download apps that take screenshots. there are free ones.

  16. Been playing with mine and holding down the back button (bottom right of your phone) and tapping the home button works every time.

  17. I figured it out. **** FOR AFTER THE NEW UPDATE FOR THE GALAXY S2**** YOU HOLD THE HOME AND OFF KEY, IT WORKS! Just take’s like 2-3seconds, it varies. Try it! Just hold the keys down together for a little longer than the usual. Hope this helps! (took me ages to figure it out-play with all the different keys)

    1. @jade: you know, i really wish samsung would add a menu item “take screenshot” when you press the off key like in other custom roms. the off + home combo is really a hassle

  18. After an update my Galaxy 19010 would no longer take a Screenshot using Home and Off – had the same problems as above with Task Manager. Discovered by accident that if I held the Home and Return simultaneously and then Off it took the shot. Hope this is of help for some.

  19. you have to press home+power at the same time and hold, its a little awkward at first but it’ll work. I just did it after almost throwing it across the room. Same time and hold. i have 4.0.3 and it worked i promise. REMEMBER! PRESS HOME AND POWER AT THE SAME TIME AND HOLD TIL IT SNAPS!! NOT HOME FIRST THEN POWER!!!

  20. @ krazekid707: the volume down + power button combination works pretty fine in jelly bean.

    ics is not responsive. that is my experience

  21. Thanks so much ! I just got mine yesterday and for everyone that says its not working you have to press and hold the home and power button at the same time ! – btw im using it now

  22. I had the same problem and read thru all the posts on here. It is still the same way of home + power, however it has to be at absolutely the same time. A fraction off and it doesn’t work. It is really difficult and almost impossible with a case on.
    With so much more flexibility than the i-phone it is a wonder that even a dull spark at Samsung doesn’t program it in to the menu.

    1. @fishman: true, this is one feature that samsung really failed. they should have added a menu item ‘take screenshot’ when you press the power button just like the ones found in some custom roms. even until now they still have not added this one so users can easily take screenshots.

  23. Krazekid. I fucking love you…. Same time. I almost American X curb stomped this thing before I saw the same time comment. Works perfectly.

  24. Unfortunately it does not always work with Icecream sandwich. It has to be at exact same time or else it does not work. It is frustrating.

    I wonder why Samsung does not provide this functionality in simpler manner.

  25. With mine galaxy s2 GT-I9100 its working this way – put the phone on the silent mode first, then push at the same time3(!)buttons volum+home+power. U can find screen shots Myfiles>Pictures>screenshots.i hope it was helpfull informations

  26. it s not necessary to put the phone on the silent works ,pushing the same time ,for one second ,the butons volume [ down ] and the power.

  27. I just got my S2 on Monday, and none of the solutions seemed to work for me, for the same reasons everyone else was having problems with it. The only way I was able to get it to work (and hopefully it works for anyone else having problems) is to push the home button and the power button at the same time and hold them. The trick with the volume down, home and power works, if you like having every screenshot show that your phone is muted.

    Hope this helps!

  28. the way i can do it in my current version (which is the newest so far) is to hold down the power button an volume down. MAKE SURE YOU HOLD IT DOWN! 🙂 hope it solves it

  29. do NOT TAP the home screen button and power button. HOLD them both down for a few seconds and you will see the screens. i have the latest software version. before i upgraded software i just had to tap both simultaneously.

  30. thankyou so much emily ( all the way up the page) i didnt even bother to read any of the others thank you so much how did you know?

  31. i also updated my s2 ics.. it is already rooted and everything.. but home+power button still works.. HOWEVER!! PRESS BOTH ON EXACT SAME TIME and HOLD IT FOR 2-3 seconds!! if it’s not at an exact same time, it would only go to task manager

  32. To the ppl up top, if you complain that it doesn’t work, there’s something wrong with you, not the guy trying to help you. Works great on my s2. Rude ppl these days. Not surprised since the world is going to shit with assholes

  33. I absolutely LOVE how many people do not actually read threads before posting on them. . . How many different people need to write something like, “I the system upgraded/new phone/software update/yada yada and now i cant do screen shots! Why?”


  34. IT does work just press the power button and home button the same time you may have to hold the phone a different way to get it (I had to smh) but what everyone is saying is true

  35. in ICS with a Galaxy II it helps to turn off screen rotate first — it still snaps it correctly.

    Then it is nowhere near as awkward or sensitive to hold both power and home.

    Instant feedback after one second … works 100% of the time versus 5% forme when in landscape!

  36. Thank you so much krazekid707(hope i got that right), i tried everything and seconds before binning my 2 day old phone i found your post, unbelievably the first person who actually explained to press them at the same time! Lifesaver, so much love for you right now! 🙂

  37. For all those who used to have the power button plus the volume down button for screenshot working and after the update , it is no longer working.. Please try to hold down the power button for one sec and consecutively press the home button for one second and the screenshot should work

  38. Guys, it works perfectly. The trick is this; no sooner than you press the Home button, press the Power button and you’ll hear a sound of taking a pic or screenshot. That’s it and it’ll appear in the gallery titled as ‘Screenshots’.


  39. Ok i have a Samsung galaxy s2 and i cannot get the screenshot to work…even before i upgraded the software from a 2 to 4.0.4 version..when i hold down the home key, my task manager shows and you can’t hit the back button…please help me….email address us

  40. I tryed everyone’s solutions none worked …what did work for me was holding the back button and then hitting power button

  41. I figured out, worked for me, hold the power button, almost immediately (Half a second) then press home button and hold it down together, do not take long for the screenshot.
    Good Luck (I updated aswell)

  42. Push and hold the power/lock button first THEN hold your home button. Bam. Screenshot at your finger tips. Or just watch it on youtube…hope it helps!

  43. None of the “push down & hold” methods worked for me so I went to the Samsung website and looked up how to take screen shots – bright idea, right? There is a motion setting under the general settings menu, ensure that it is on (light turns to green). Exit out. Once you have the screen up to shoot, take your hand (palms down) and slide it from left to right. It took me a few tries to get it without going to the next page but it for sure works. If the “hold down” instructino don’t work for you, this is another option!

  44. I recently got a new GS2 from warranty and none of the screenshot apps work on the device and I’ve tried all the above and nothing seems to work. I had an app on the phone I returned that work with no problem from the notification bar but I can’t find it in the app store… how do I root my device?

  45. For those who got warranty replacement like my self the screen shot is the same way its just that before pressing home+power it would screen shot instantly. Try doing it but hold it down a second longer and it’ll work

  46. Using version OS 4.0.4.
    I tried the hold Power and then quickly pressing the home icon method at same time and it works. I had to try it a few times to figure that out as before the Task Screen would come up. Grrrr! So as long as you hold the power button first and then quickly press home icon at same time and holding, you will then see the screen show it is saving the screen.
    I tried the palm down slide, but couldn’t make that work. I understand that option works on the S3 phone.

  47. I have the Samsung Galaxy S II. I upgraded to the ICS and could not take a screenshot anymore. I tried using the home and power button and task manager would continually show up.
    I figured out how to make it work. I held the power key first (maybe a half second) then select the home key and it works like a charm. Hope this can help someone else. 🙂

  48. I used to be able to take screenshots on my phone but when my phone started acting crazy i got it fixed and now i cant snapshot anymore any advice???

  49. Everytime i hold the volume button it always turn my phpme on lock or sometimes the box come up with the airplane mode

  50. Thank you SO much!!! I’m always accidentally deleting shortcuts on my phone and can’t remember what was there. It’s one of the joys of having a touch screen. Now this solves my problem cuz I can figure out what I deleted. Thanks again. I liked this on FB and +1’d it. That’s how happy I am to have this little bit of knowledge.

  51. All holding the home and power down at same time does for me is turn my phone off. Tried the volume and power and the back and volume at same time. Nothing works for me, I am trying to take a screenshot of a text.

  52. All you have to do is press the home button and then the power butten but keep your finger on them both for about 2 seconds it will work

  53. Jessica you are a legend, for my homies that didn’t work it out with the stupid update all you have to do is hold the home and power button for like 3 secpnds don’t actually count its just roughly and when you do the screenshot it will tell yoi

  54. Wow. After more than a dozen attempts, the trick was taking *OFF* the stupid cell phone *CASE* (expose the off button) and then clicking on the home and power. Ugh. It would not work pressing the power button thru the case though. Oy Vey!!!!!

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