How To Play Tegra Games In Non-Tegra Phones Like Samsung Galaxy S2

I have seen quite a number of games with the label THD. Even when I tried to install them in my Samsung Galaxy S2, it gave out an error message informing me that it is not compatible with my phone. Luckily, there is a way to circumvent this limitation through the use of Chain Fire 3D.

It is an Open GL driver that is available from the Android Market for free and can be used to play Tegra Zone games on otherwise unsupported Android devices! Chainfire3D requires the use of additional plugins to achieve and here is how to do it.

  1. Install the Chainfire3D from Android Market.
  2. Download the rar archive file that contains the driver through this link.
  3. Extract the archive and copy the to the root of your device SDcard.
  4. Now launch the Chainfire3D application and select CF3D driver > Install. After the installation your device will reboot.
  5. After rebooting,  open  the app again and select Install Plugin. Now the app will scan your SDcard for the plugins. After scanning, select the libGLEMU_NVIDIA.
  6. Now select Default OpenGL settings > Use plugin > NVIDIA to add support for Tegra games on your device.
  7. Finally select the “Fix Market settings” option from the main menu. This will allow you to download the Tegra Zone games on your unsupported device to play.

For option #7, you will need the pro version of Chainfire 3D to do this. But, if you can find cracked apps of Tegra games, then no problem.

Now, go play some great Tegra game zone games like Pinball, Fruit Ninja and Riptide.

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