Sync Only “My Contacts” In Samsung Galaxy S2

It is annoying to find out that after syncing your phone contacts from Google Contacts to your mobile, there are so many contacts not included under the group “My Contacts”.

You realize that some of those contacts are found under the “Other Contacts” group. To sync only contacts under specific groups, go to:

Choose Google Account then check and uncheck only selected groups that you want to be synced.

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  1. hi man, thanks for the help, but I think that only works for the contacts app, however, when you need to pick up a contact to send an SMS in the sms app, the other contacts are still there, and it is quite annoying

    1. @mariano: yeah. you are right. i found that out when adding a new contact based from an unknown number that just texted me. and there is no way to remove those unwanted contacts that belong to another group “other contacts” because these can come from google buzz contacts and/or g+. i tried to remove them before and my buzz and g+ contacts had no friends all of a sudden so we are all pretty much stuck with this

  2. yeap,

    I have downloaded handcent SMS, and use that app instead of the stock one. It does not solve the issue of the contacts in the “other groups”, but at least it has an option to show only the mobile phone of the contact, and it filters any contact without mobile phone, so for me its quite useful as I don’t get the email contacts (or twitter/facebook contacts) any more !

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