How To Fix “Application Is Not Installed On Your Phone” Error Message In Android

If you encounter this error message “Application is not installed on your phone” when you deploy your Android app, the culprit is within your manifest file.

This can happen if you have your activity declared twice in your AndroidManifest.xml file. And by twice, I mean one: as a normal activity and two: as the launcher.

Make sure every activity in the manifest file is declared only once.

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    1. @njtotx: you clearly did not read the entire post 🙂 i said that you declared your activity twice in your manifest file. make sure there is only one

  1. Ah, thanks, but I’m not a programmer. I fixed my problem by updating 1 app from Amazon Appstore. Magically, all by apps and shortcuts reappeared.

  2. Step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated. I am having same problem and find that reinstalling each app fixes it but there are a lot of apps to fix that way. If editing this manifest file is an easier fix I’d like to do that, but I don’t even know where it is.

  3. I just fixed this error in my app. I re-organized my app and was getting this pop-up toast when I tried adding a home screen widget. The problem was in the widget’s configuration xml file. I had the short name:


    Once I changed this to the long name:


    The error went away and the configuration activity started.

    Hope this will help some other dev struggling with this error.

  4. I see something is highlighting “Apps”, the little Android icon for it, as if touching it. This is happening 1-2 times a second. I am guessing “Apps” is not actually installed on my phone?

    What is touching it though?

  5. Check about the permissions on the App Manifest. It worked for me, I have ticked the same permission twice in the wrong place.

    Mati, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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