Twisted Land: Shadow Town For Android

I normally do not like playing hidden objects type of games in a small device because the screen is very small. Playing them on a tablet is better. However, after I checked out Twisted Land: Shadow Town in my Galaxy S2, I got stuck to playing the game till I finished it because the game mixes point and click adventure with hidden object scenes and mini games.

This game is great. But creepy. I started playing this game at night and it gave me goosebumps right away after seeing some ghostly images appear whenever my character entered a room for the first time. The sound effects all the more made it scary.

Playing this game in an iPhone or iTouch is just a crappy experience. The Galaxy S2’s screen size compensated my dislike for playing games like this in a small screen. Frankly, I got lost with the plot once I finished the game because I was confused why the main character suddenly turned zombie-ish and ironically gets killed by his girlfriend when his mission all game long is to save her and get off the island.

Gameplay is very easy to pickup. Areas you can interact with will sparkle and hidden object scenes will sparkle even more. You can also keep track with your journal that can give you hints on what you need to do.

Some puzzles that feature a timer are really harmless. It will ask you if you want to skip in case time runs out. But what I really like about this hidden type game is that there is no timer so you are free to look for all the items needed without any worries of the timer.

For those who have no patience, there is always the hint button to save players from getting stuck. This game is pretty solid. The graphics are awesome. The music and sound effects are great plus the game play is superb.

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