Emissary Of War For Android

Emissary of War is a pretty god game for the Android platform. Although I would have wanted this game to be very big, I managed to finish the game fairly quick. The graphics are awfully good and the lead character looks lifelike and I think because of how short the game is, the developers purposely did not place a virtual joystick to let the characters move around freely.

You would have to tap first to select a character, then tap again to move the character to the location you want. The game also offers a different style of fighting. You play the character of Ghent, barbarian on a task to do some barbarian things and fight a bunch of bad guys along the way.

Your companion is the trusty Hassock, a nice, bald-headed alchemist who gives you support via potions and has a bit of an issue with balance (he trips often). When fighting enemies and you need healing potions, you can click on any of the potions you bought by tapping on them and they queue up in line to heal you.

Other potions can be deadly to enemies, hence it takes some good reflex to choose which potion you need for your character and which potions should be hurled towards the enemies.

The game labels this one as an RPG type of game. However, it would have been nice to have all abilities mastered. After all, that is what I really like about RPG even though it takes time to level up to a high level that your enemies cannot slay you even with a few slashes.

Emissary of War is a pretty good game overall. I just wish they made it longer.

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