October 2011 Pagerank Update Underway

The moment that all site owners, webmasters, seo-ers and paid post bloggers await every quarter: the Google pagerank update. Seems like the update is underway since all my blogs generate an empty pagerank when I tried to check their PR.

I hope I can get some of those PR juice back because I think I had one that suddenly went to 0. Considering the stiff competition of websites today, it can boost a site’s popularity among advertisers if the site can get at least a PR5.

The most that I got is a PR4. A PR5 will definitely be a welcome sight but even if my blogs’ PR sits idle, I will still be happy rather than getting a 0 or N/A.

Did your site get a new PR or what? Share your site results.

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  1. Google just change the Toolbar’s query URL. Our Pagerank is visible through Internet Explorer’s Pagerank toolbar plugin. Hopefully, the PR checker sites will be able to change their query URL too. Also, we need to install the Pagerank toolbar provided by Google.

  2. I see all the web becomes PR n/a, is this an update or google is having problems?

    I have put your link in the sidebar of the blog, please attach also my link on your blog … thank you

  3. Anyone seen any changes yet? Are all websites affected this time or just a few? I hope the fact that the Google toolbar is down, is not the only foundation of this upcoming update. From where did
    here of this October update? Would be glad if you could share your source:)

    1. @william: they said that the url has changed hence people thought there is an update going on. but i think there was because one of my blogs just went from 0 to n/a. though my other blogs stayed the same

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