Sadly, The iPhone 4S Only Has 512MB RAM. Tsk!

Finally the people at iFixIt got an iPhone 4S and ripped everything from its outer shell to the inside. Sad to say, the phone only has 512MB of RAM. I was hoping that it would at least have 1GB of RAM then maybe I might finally get one for my wife. Guess I will have to wait a few more months and see how much RAM the iPad 3 will have.

As Digital Trend’s review of the iFixIt dismantling mentioned that “Even though it might be disappointing on paper that the iPhone 4S only has 512MB of Ram, that does not mean the performance of the device will suffer. From what we can tell from early reviews of the device the phone’s performance is, “noticeably faster” than the iPhone 4.”, it is still disappointing for me because this phone can be good only for two years (3 years tops).

Once two more versions of its iOS will come out, this phone will crawl. At least with 1GB of RAM, the phone can still be useful even for a very long time. Those future games certainly will crawl the iPhone 4S in the long run when its requirements increase.

Of course, those who only use the phone for texting, calling and Facebook I think will find this phone more than enough. Also, I think Apple does not plan to increase the size of its iPhone. A bigger screen perhaps but they will remove the home button and place it on the side. Physically it will still be the same dimension. That is my prediction for next year’s model.

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