The iPhone’s Dynamism Is Its Strength

The iPhone 4S changes the face of the phone in a very dynamic fashion. Instead of doing as other manufacturers have done and just lumped a large processor into a device and added a number of other minor software changes Apple has done something very dynamic and decided to change the fundamentals of how we use our phones.

Although the iPhone 4S deals come with a number of innovations in the physical or hardware arena it is also a very different phone in the software area and offers a lot of changes.

Memory is set to be hugely impacted upon with the phone. Most people clog up their phones with large amounts of music and media and this often means even 32GB is not enough, especially if you are an avid music fan. The invention of the iCloud service changes this and means the phone is now free of the memory constrictions experienced before. This seriously allows the phone to focus on smaller memory needs in the future and may see it go into the video streaming area in a similar way to the HTC Watch application provided by HTC.

The other major change with the iPhone 4S is with Siri which allows the phone to be used with voice controls. This option offers a new and more intuitive way to interact – through language. This will also see huge differences in the way we use a phone and may even see differences in screen technology in the future. Siri offers a far broader range of methods for devices to be used and also means no more toggling through menus. This is ingeniously dynamic and as regards Apple is a fine example of Steve Jobs’ genius and shows how once again he looked into the future and saw steps ahead of all the other manufacturers.

Apple has caught up with others in the hardware area, which really is of massive impact in a number of short term ways.

However it is the long-term innovations that will have the greatest impact. These factors all mean that Apple is not only ahead at the moment but has taken a big leap for the future – a step which will see huge changes and a really sets the fundamentals up for the next generations of iPhone mobile phone deals and paves the way for others to follow.

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