Nokia’s Phone Of The Future. The Nokia Gem

While this is still in its infancy, being in the conceptual design stage, after viewing the video I must say I am totally impressed. Nokia has come up with something unique and innovative.

But this is because Apple and Google did them in. If both these juggernauts did not implement the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, we would still be stuck with boring and redundant phones by the Finnish maker.

With this in mind, I think Microsoft may have a heavy hand in this considering the innovation they just created with the Kinect. The concept phone is a whole touchscreen that covers the entire surface of the device.

They call this the Nokia Gem. It changes its appearance depending upon on the function chosen by the user. As you can see in the video, all spaces are occupied. That is what I call maximized! There are even virtual buttons on the sides of the concept phone.

This phone shows a lot of promise and I am very excited and looking forward when this will be manufactured and sold to the market for us consumers to enjoy.

Photo from Digital Trends.

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