Facebook Adding Ads To Its Ticker Feed. Hardly Surprised.

It did not take long for them to officially go this path. The ads I mean. While there are already some ads sprawled on the side of one’s Facebook page, everybody knew that it was only a matter of time when Facebook will start splash ads in almost every space available in the page.

Sponsored stories as they call it reportedly will begin appearing in the feed in the top right corner of home pages. Once the page will be full of worthless ads, I may have to stopped using it.

Placing it in an area that constantly streams Internet bandwidth is of no use to me. That live feed section is already annoying to me. Adding ads to it makes it even more of a nuisance.

Well, they are a corporation. Apart from selling user info to investors (don’t give me that crap that they do not sell those to 3rd party poopers), these ads will enable them to get more profits and solidify to non-techie minded people that Facebook survives because of ads when all the time majority of the reasons investors put their cash on them is to get access to user details.

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