Rocket Games

No. These are not games of the rocket variety. In fact, this is an online portal that houses so many flash games for everybody to play and enjoy. What is advantageous about flash games is that users do not need to install loads of files into their hard disks just to play the game.

All users need is a browser and they are good to go. They can easily go back to the game any time they want to without ever having to install anything. I checked the site myself and I can see that this site offers quality flash games instead of just volume.

It has tailored features geared towards simple search and clean game play with minimal ads, which from my point of view is what keeps players from bolting out. Too much ads is annoying. Heck, the lesser the better right?

This portal has a social layer which allows users to add favorite games, interact with members and upload new games. It has a growing collection of flash online games versions of iPhone games too.

Best of all, these games are free to play. No hidden services and no hidden charges. All free for Rocket Games members to enjoy.

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