Google Currents For Android

While it is fairly new, I think Google did everybody a favor by creating a universal app that can hold various news online publications. Now, while well known publications are not yet part of Google Currents’ library, I am sure they will in time.

So far I am pretty satisfied with their current library list. Heck, I was happy to remove the ABC News app from my phone since Google Currents has it.

The user interface is pretty simple and intuitive. On first use, you will be shown a short tutorial on how to use the app. As I said, simple. By default there are like 5 publications added but you can remove them if you want. If you want to add new ones, just tap on the + icon and you will then navigate the library’s list.

After that, just wait till your phone finishes syncing. Again … simple.

This is one app that you must have in your phone. All news sites in just one app. Now, you get to save space and you do not have to switch between news apps just to check out their news.

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