I Conquered Angry Birds Classic … Again

Okay, so you may have already finished this way back when the game was just released and think it may not be such a big deal. True.

But for me, I call it a big deal because I was forced to play 98% of all the levels all over again after I accidentally deleted the game without having a backup when I tried to update the Angry Birds Classic with the latest version that featured birthday cake levels.

I did not expect to actually go over each of them again considering that I had a hard time with the mining levels. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I finally cleared all the levels with 3 stars … again.

This game is a beast and totally addicting. While I was content to just clear each level even if I did not get 3 stars, clearing them all with 3 stars is no easy feat. At least now I can simmer down and take it easy on the other 2 Angry Birds games that I have not cleared yet with 3 stars: Seasons and Rio.

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