Penguin Palooza For Android

The visual graphics are alright for this game but overall, not so much. This is not to say it is a bad game. It is alright. Hey, it ain’t easy making a physics based game. You have to understand physics firsthand and then try to apply that in code.

The game play for Penguin Palooza is very simply. Just swipe to create floorings so the penguins won’t drown in the sea and make sure they end up on the right side safely going to the cave. Each level has a minimum requirement of the number of penguins that you need to get across to other side.

The game is about when the emperor penguin hikes across a hundred kilometers of freezing arctic wasteland to reach their ancient spawning grounds. Lately, however, the march of the penguins is increasingly obstructed by gaping chasms of open sea.

Driven by insatiable avian lust, and in stark denial of their flightlessnes, the desperate penguins hurl themselves across the gaps, only to plummet into the icy sea. If nothing is done, the majestic penguin will soon go the way of the dodo.

This game synopsis comes from Polarbit, its maker. And just by that any user can easily grasp how this game is played.

Addicting? Can be. If you like this kind of game. Me, not so much. Although the game also features a Palooza level where you can have as many penguins as you can cross to the other side and get that high score.

Overall, an okay game. But not one that I heavily recommend.

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  1. I play this game with the hole family we are always trying to beat eachother.
    The very best casual game in a very long time.

    Really love the multiplayer for iPad. Think the little chicken looks a bit geeky.

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