Enrich Internet Experience With Somoto Toolbar

You might say that this is just another toolbar that can clutter your browser. Wait! That was what I felt at first but in actuality, you have to know if the toolbar actually does more good than bad. Knowing today that most, if not all users definitely uses Facebook, you might want to check out this Somoto Toolbar to enrich your Internet experience even more.

Its social network integration provides shortcuts to frequently accessed Facebook actions like status updates from friends, posting updates to walls and even share any website on Facebook. All from that toolbar.

And that is not all. Somoto made sure to include other well known social networking sites like Twitter and Google+. Great job guys, many sites still do not include Google+ in their system so I was actually happy when I found out Google+ is supported.

Twitter users can read latest tweets and update post to Twitter easily. Google+ and Blogspot users can also stay updated using the toolbar.

The toolbar is not a resource hogger. In fact, it feels like it’s not even in my computer because it really does eat only a small amount of memory. Knowing that social networking sites requires constant real time updates, one would think system resource is an issue.

Well, no. Try it. I am sure you will like it. You can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Somoto-Toolbar/214895865267059 for more details too.

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