Easy Battery Saver For Android, Beware Users!

Well, I added a word after the post title because I was very disappointed with this app. It keeps turning on my cellular data even though I set it to off.

Because of this, I give this app a zero rating. I am worried how much data usage my account used up. Who knows if my phone’s app kept retrieving data while I was asleep. Sheesh. This is a big troublesome problem for me. I just hope the bill ain’t big.

Even though I chose the normal configuration of the app, it still turned on my cellular data. It is weird because the description says it won’t change any settings and all strategies applied to it based on other options of Easy Battery Saver will be cancelled. But they ain’t.

This app is good only for those who have an unlimited data plan since who cares how much data is consumed by the smart phone right?

In my case, I only depend on WIFI for Internet access hence this app really sucks. I decided to uninstall it rather than risk getting charged for who knows how much.

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