GeoSurf Premium Proxy Toolbar

Well, I like using proxies because it can hide my identity. But a way to allow users to view websites in different geographic locations? Now that, is even better!

I am talking about my personal reason for using this. However, this feature can be useful to others like, say, media agencies for examples. They can monitor their own campaigns effectively because they will be able to see their local competition and make smarter decisions in the process that will benefit them.

Advertisers can greatly take advantage of this tool in order to boost inventory value, improve efficiency and have new possible prospects.

Bloggers can make use of this feature to reach the right readers based on location thereby increasing regional value a hundredfold.

These features can be accessed and managed straight from a toolbar by GeoSurf. The toolbar itself is attached to the browser so users can easily monitor campaigns and target geo specific locations in just a few clicks.

Now that is pretty much intuitive if you ask me. The simpler the better. I never like using complex tools and even more so use features that require me to do activate them in many steps.

Using these has a catch. It is not free. The proxy toolbar is pretty powerful so it is understandable that using these features to benefit your cause can come with a price. However, the price is not that expensive plus they offer a free trial so you can check out how it works and get a short glimpse on how it can help you with your business.

Still, it all boils down to the proxy service and how useful it is. Users can track data without even being tracked themselves due to using a secure, reliable connection. Surf locally without being local. Visit

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