Reason For Google Analytics Country Not Set

Google Analytics may sometimes display country data where it says (not set). According to the Google Analytics’ help section, this is what they say:

“Google Analytics uses your visitors’ IP address to determine where they are located geographically. Using a 3rd-party datasource, the IP address is translated to a physical location. In most cases, Google Analytics is able to determine where your visitors are coming from; however, if our 3rd party vendor does not have an accurate record of the IP address to determine the location, Google Analytics will display a “(not set)” entry.”

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I work for a small business and last year we invested in the help of a Google analytics consultant which really helped us. We learnt so much but since then we have been a bit thrown off from the ‘not set’ and ; not provided’ Thanks for the help. Should hold as over until we discuss it with our consultant at the end of the month!

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