I have to say this game is awesome! Trap Hunter: Lost Gear mixes turn based strategy with a dose of role playing game. You play the character of Edwin who is not a powerful warrior but one who possesses an artifact called Trap Gear.

With this, you can place traps against monsters that can aid you in defeating them easily rather than going up against them melee style.

Explore dungeon, confront monsters and accomplish missions. New missions will appear after you finish current ones. The hardest for me is the level which requires you to at least cross 100 floors. Now, I used to make sure I clear all parts of a dungeon’s floor in other missions but for this one, I suggest you go to the next level right away if you see the portal because you can never tell if you encounter bad ass monsters in 1 floor.

If you do, you will get toast.

Trap Hunter does require a bit of luck sometimes because once you encounter a bad ass monster head-on, you are at a disadvantage right away. I mean, moving 1 tile against your enemy’s 2 tiles is unfair right? If you get cornered, then it’s bye bye.

The graphics look great and the sound effects are pretty good. Overall, this is a very good game that you should check out. It would have been nice though if the game can give you very powerful weapons and armors rather than being stuck with the same ones over and over.

After almost a work day’s worth of searching, I was able to find a solution to my dilemna. While JTextArea has a getLineCount() method to return the number of lines, I wanted a way to also detect wrapped lines since I wanted to set my component a fixed height if the maximum height limit is reached.

This method by user Jörg in the Java forum did the trick.

After a few days of using Ice Cream Sandwich in my Samsung Galaxy S2, I can say that it is more than worth it. Though not totally. Why did I say not totally? Let me point out the pros and cons that I have experienced so far.


  • Excellent battery life. No matter how long I play, the battery does not get drained quickly unlike Gingerbread.
  • Fast charging. I noticed charging does not take forever compared to before.
  • You can disable useless apps easily even when your phone is not rooted.


I think there is only one flaw that I can jot down. And this problem still persisted from when I first had my Galaxy S2 with Gingerbread OS. Why the hell did they not unify the system and internal USD partition? I still am limited to 2GB of apps and games to install.

It would have been nice if users can move the installed data to its internal USD partition. The “move to SD Card” option under Settings > Application does not work and is only good if you have an external USD card added to your phone. The label is so misleading!

I am against using custom ROM since it would just make any Android smart phone ordinary and not unique. Because Samsung still did the same stupid thing by not unifying the partitions, I am definitely awaiting the time that Cyanogen Mod 9 will come out.

Not so Pro+Con

This falls as an in between. I would have liked it if Samsung changed their user interface a bit. Instead, it is the same TouchWiz display with only a few minor tweaks in other user interface areas like the Task Manager.

So is Samsung’s Ice Cream Sandwich stock ROM worth it? Depends on your usage. If you like to install many apps and games, this is crap. But if you are not much of a gamer and just want to do social networking, then the ICS stock ROM should be okay.

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