This is the only title that I can think of and I think it really suits it well. After more than 12 hours, I finally had this blog back to running.

I was surprised that a few days ago, I received a malware page warning from the browser when I surfed my site. I thought at first that maybe somehow my hosting provider messed things up and probably fixed it right away.

After 2 days when I decided to install some malware removal plugins for WordPress because Google still had not lifted the safe browsing warning, that was when problems started to surface.

There were malwares that got removed. However, after I used Bulletproof Security Plugin was the time my blog really went down.

I Googled to look for any solutions possible but the malware really persisted. I was left with no choice but to backup all data and painstakingly import the posts and related data to the new blog. It was a pain indeed.

Then when all was finally set and done, I noticed that the GetSocial plugin is giving me problems as well as WordFence so I removed those immediately. I went back with Digg Digg for social bookmarks in the meantime. This is a good plugin, just that it does not feature the toolbar in the home page.

I will have to clean my other blogs considering Sucuri found some threats even though Google has not blocked them. Better now than worry later. At least I know what to do.

So this is it … my blog reborn!

In Android, the Canvas class has a method called drawRoundRect() that you can use to draw rounded corners on the edges of a drawn rectangle.

I would like to emphasize that using a value of 1 for both 2nd and 3rd parameters will not give you rounded corners. At least use 3.

Here is a sample code

This code draws a black colored rectangle and fills it using the same color.

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