Dungeon Hunter 3 For Android

The most anticipated game that I was looking forward to playing in my Android smartphone just became the worst anticipated game after installing and playing it. I thought Gameloft would have sticked to the Diablo style gameplay that was present in the previous 2 Dungeon Hunter games.

I really looked forward to this because the graphics are way better than Dungeon Hunter 2. The end result? Utter disappointment. Dungeon Hunter 3 features arena based levels that will pit you against waves of enemies and requiring your character to finish off enemies based on requirements.

Man … such a waste of bandwidth downloading the data files. I uninstalled it right away. Gameloft totally killed this one. I love RPG after playing Diablo. So Dungeon Hunter 3 is also RPG but there is no adventure style here like with its predecessors.

This game totally sucks. But this is just me. Not all of us have the same tastes and preferences so check out this one if you do not mind playing Dungeon Hunter 3’s RPG style mixed with defense tower wave-feature.

Hey, Gameloft did copy Diablo 3’s feature where you can choose your character’s gender and they have a character class version for both male and female. But still, overall … a disappointing game for me.

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