Free Corporate Monitoring Tool

As a business owner, no matter how you handle things in this new digital age, there will always be that traditionalistic trait in you. Nobody would want to see their own employees do non related work in their desktops right in front of you.

Software monitoring tools are common place in an office environment mainly used by systems administrators to monitor employees’ activities and ensuring that what they do inside the office is related to their work. No Facebook, no social media sites.

But a corporate monitoring software tool that offers quite a number of features tend not to be free. As far as I know, those free software monitoring tools offer only a limited set of features that really gets useless as your monitoring requirements increases.

I did came across one that I could say am lucky to find out about this free employee monitoring tool called ExtraSpy. Thank you Google!

ExtraSpy demonstrates high performance and stability even when deployed in large networks. After all, what good is a software if its range is pretty small, right?

This application lets you monitor employees’ performance, check what they are doing during their working hours, easily and unobtrusively see which applications they launch on their computers and which web sites they visit, detect and prevent violations of your working policies and many other things.

Try it. Download it and see the features in action. It is free after all ;).!

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  1. Hey, hey,

    your Contact Form on the other Site doesnt work. I wanted to write you a mail, but i cant. Maybe you can fix this? 🙂

    Thank you 😀

  2. Hi, you absolutely right, in all the companies should be a way to manage and secure all the data, that will prevent any data leak and secure you business. At the same time is easier to have a software that will not require any client install that way the end user may disable it and you will never know what happened, for that there are software that monitor your network directly so you can see all your data flow and prevent any kinds of leaks or lost, I would suggest Oidview network monitoring tool for management and monitoring your network, give it a try..

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