Canon Copiers

Canon is a famous brand on just about anything it mass produces. Cameras, copiers, everything! And it is not because they are famous just because of slick marketing.

Well, maybe that too but majority of it is because they produce high quality products that perform well with regards to their intended use.

Canon copiers are known for their durability. I know quite a number of friends who bought a copier for their business ended up getting the Canon brand instead. Heck, those repairs cost a lot and they regret their decision to opt for the cheaper and unknown brands.

I am not saying Canon copiers are expensive. They are affordable but considering their brand and identity, I would say the pricing is fair.

Copy Faxes is an online marketplace where you can find and purchase Canon copiers in the comfort of your home. You can find out right away if the model you like is available or not. This is the convenience of the Internet.

They even deliver the purchased product to you!

The online marketplace itself is brimmed with everything one may need to complement their copier. Accessories are available for products that are compatible to it. This relieves you the trouble of having to look for accessories that can be useful to complement your Canon copier.

You should check it out!

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  1. I would like to put emphasis that the reason why we chose CANON among other copiers is that we believe that it truly make a difference compared to other brands. But it proved me wrong.

    As of this time, I have a machine that is not working properly due to its “DRUM”. We tried calling for service but according to them, we have to settle all our past dues for them to go on with the process which we did with utmost urgency.

    It has been almost a week and still we are left with a machine which is struggling to function.

    As a consumer, I ask myself, “is this the kind of AFTER SALES” we get from a brand that thousands of companies trust?

    After talking to many staff/employees from your end, I really don’t know if this will fall on deaf ears again.

    If this can’t be settled, then I believe that I have to
    resort to other means of escalating this to whoever is best suited in
    deciding and finally putting the issue to rest.

    This concern may not make any difference but I would just like to let you know – You just lose yourselves one believer in your brand.

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