Escape Room Limited Time Room 5 Bug

This game is cool. However, I was stuck in Room 5 (Riddle) and was forced to look for answers because the game has a bug.

The question is: You have 10 lit candles. All of a sudden a gust of wind put out 7 of them. How many lit candles are left?

Now … the answer in the game is 7. Which is wrong. It should be 3, right?

I have no idea why they made 7 the correct answer. This bug really got me stuck. Even the walkthrough editor said so himself that the game’s question may had been worded incorrectly.

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  1. just to clarify, the mistake come from a very bad translation of a famous riddle. The proper question is how many candle left “on the next morning”(you’ve lit them all on the evening then the wind blew off few of them), wich is the ones who haven’t been blowned and did not completly burned. In our case this would be 7.

  2. What’s the rest I need to know how to get out of the bottom room what’s the clocks for and the code on the fan the code is wrong I need help

  3. For september that means 9, thts the answer for that locker, dnt knw wat it has gt to do with baseball thou. For the other one with time, that’s the clue the sum should be at a 12 hr format 9+5=14 or 2′ o clock.

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