Currently, there is no fix for this. Even I was confused because I did not read the entire message when the error popped out.

I was only focused on the phrase “target id is not valid”. Now really, I already installed the corresponding API emulator for that but I still got the same problem.

The Sencha team needs to fix this problem. Even though you specified the Android API level to your choosing, if you look closely at the entire message it will always attempt to install API 7.

I even thought it was the nimblekit.jar issue that was the culprit but it still did not work.

Now, you can do away by installing API 7 emulator but then again, API 7 is really old

What you can do is manually copy pasting the entire command and replace android-7 with your desired API level.

In Sencha Touch version 2.0, there is currently no way to modify the color of an active or inactive indicator of Ext.carousel.Indicator.

To do so, you will have to go to the app.css file located in resources/css/ in your project folder.

Look for keywords that have the substring carousel in it.

If your carousel does not use any ui setting specifically, you can modify the section that has the dark theme since that is its default.

Look for .x-carousel-indicator-dark span.

There is a value background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);

Change the values as you like. The first 3 parameters are its RGB (red, green, blue) values while the 4th parameter is its alpha value. Think of the alpha value as its transparency equivalent. 1 being clear while 0 being transparent.

The CSS code below that is .x-carousel-indicator-dark span.x-carousel-indicator-active which indicates the color value for its active state.

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