Lucky For Android

Lucky describes itself as a brand new adventure game created especially for the Kindle Fire, although this can be played in any Android device. Mine is a Galaxy S2 and maybe the occasional crashes after an action probably is the reason why they say this is for the Kindle Fire.

Still, that did not stop me from finishing the game even though it got to a point where I got pissed that I had to restart the game after every crash. Ever played the PC game Myst? Oh yeah, it was ported to iOS too.

The navigation of the game works the same way.

This point and click game will require you to solve puzzles and discover secrets about the character and his family’s fortunes. His only hope is to discover what everyone hides. For the first time, luck will have nothing to do with his success.

Hot chick awaits your every move. But her eyes really gave me the creeps.

The game is pretty short. If you do not get to answer correctly, you can answer it again so I guess many won’t be satisfied with this game as a whole like I did.

The graphics are pretty good especially the short scenes done and still frames done in 3D.

In order to bypass the puzzles, you will also be asked some questions if they are just luck or can be accomplished through skill. Think of it as more of a common sense trivia game.

The only thing I did not like about this game is that when the scene switches to the short animated sequence, I had to rotate my phone back to portrait screen from landscape.

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