If you wonder why even after calling setAutoCancel(true) after you instantiate Notification.Builder and tapping on the notification it still stays put in the notification area, you did nothing wrong.

You just lacked something for sure. The thing is, you have to set an Intent so that when you tap on the notification, it will execute that Intent. The setAutoCancel(true) will then work and hide the notification.

Here is a sample code that will just hide the notification and does nothing else.

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Did you know that consumers of LCD Flat Screen TVs, Monitors and Laptops can share in a $1.1 billion settlement fund? Ten leading electronics manufacturers have settled lawsuits involving an illegal conspiracy to raise prices for the LCD flat panel screens used in televisions, monitors, and laptop computers.

Eligible consumers will be able to collect $25, $100, $200 or more by answering a few simple questions about the number of LCD flat screen TVs, monitors and laptops they bought from 1999 to 2006.

The exact amount of each payment will depend upon the number of products purchased and the number of claims filed. No receipts or other documents are required for small claims, and consumers have until December 6, 2012 to file a claim.

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Whenever I look for something that I want to buy, I always prefer an online marketplace that can give me a variety of options to choose from.

Tesco.com is the online arm of the UK’s most successful retailer. I came across this site looking for some high quality speakers and I have to say it has a Huge variety of speakers collection up for sale.

All items have visual photos in them so I can see right away how they look like. Specifications and feature information are also included to give you an idea on the specs available. Existing customers can also provide reviews to help other new customers in assessing the product.

Plus, so many items in there look to cost less compared to what you can find in retail stores. Now, that is way better because I get to save more when my total charges come up.

I think it took me quite a while to pick a speaker because I loved the designs when I checked out each one of them. Checking out is as easy as 1-2-3. You won’t have a problem going through the purchasing process.

Tesco has some impressive speakers in there. If you are looking for one, be sure to check them out!

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