Google Contacts Now Supports Hi-Res Images

Finally! After so many agonizing years of waiting, Google Contacts finally supports high resolution images to be used in your contacts.

Well, I actually did not wait that very long. Maybe just a few months but I read that this issue was already brought up more than 3 years ago.

While the previous workaround was to use Google+ and sync it to one’s mobile phone, I did not want to do this because not all my Google+ contacts are people I keep in touch with all the time.

The only solution for me that time was just to wait. Imagine my surprise when I added a new contact and selected an image to find out that the user interface for uploading an image looks different. It got bigger was what I thought.

Then it came to me … could it be Google Contacts now supports high resolution? YES!

Now my contacts look good in my phone! And yes … tablets ;).

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  1. Google Contacts still DOES NOT support high resolution images. my PHONE supports them but ANY image I add via OR via contacts under gmail get downsized to 96x

    if I add a contact on my Note II it saves as 720x BUT gets usurped by the image in contacts. if I keep readding it it eventually sticks BUT once again while its 720x on the Note II when it gets synced to google its DOWNSIZED to 96x and any other phone (my S3 for example) gets the 96x version NOT the 720x version.

    the only way to do it right is to disable sync manually update the contacts on the phone to high rest back that up on the phone and send that to each phone disabling contacts sync.

    once you enable contacts sync it fails.

    1. @chris: im not sure coz in my experience i only add images to contacts using my pc not through phone. and they are auto sync which i never have a problem with.

      what happens is that when it syncs the images, they may look blurry at first but the phone is actually slowly downloading those hi-res images to the phone.

      and im not sure if this may be the behavior of the stock rom of samsung? because im using custom rom.

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