Image Typerz Captcha Answer Service

CaptchaTrader is long gone. So I had to look for another alternative because DeathByCaptcha is not that reliable. Between the two, in my experience CaptchaTrader was quicker and more accurate when answering captchas.

I decided to use ImageTyperz since it was the only one that I found aside from the two where you can submit a captcha through a URL rather than uploading an image file.

While their API does not provide such a way in Java, I asked their support if it was possible and they actually modified something on their end and gave me an updated code to accept a URL of an image captcha.

Now, comparing this with DeathByCaptcha, I cannot pinpoint if they have the same low accuracy. I said low because I checked on some captchas when the staff of ImageTyperz answered them and there were times when the answers never coincided with the words of the image captcha.

Sometimes when it is two words, they do not finish the first word while giving out a wrong spelling on the second word. At least if they do that their staff should at least answer the second word correctly.

ImageTyperz maybe be a last resort since there are no other captcha answering service that accepts an image URL as its input. I also cannot say this is a very good service. It has its flaws but it also has its good parts.

However, sometimes when you use their service for business and the captchas are not answered correctly, their mistakes can erase the good they had done.

I am not saying they have a very low accuracy rate on answering captchas. But they are not high either.

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