Justice League Earth’s Final Defense For iOS

I had already written a previous review about this game with the Android experience but it was typically a short one because I was frustrated that I only could not finish the end of Chapter 2 because the game simply hangs when Joker shows up.

I think an update was needed but what the heck, I played this game instead in my wife’s iPhone and I was able to finish the game.

I played Superman first and Wonder Woman next. The downside to this game is that you get stuck until level 30. When you play in hard mode, it will be literally hard to finish off your opponents. You also do not get the chance to maximize all your skill points and attributes because you are limited until that level so choose your options wisely.

Support cards are on hand to help boost your attributes. However, I used most of my money to buy the most expensive costume for the character and having to earn more power pack points to upgrade support cards and buy more costumes meant having to repetitively play the same episodes over and over again.

Do not get me wrong, this linear typed brawler game is fun. It is just that the limitations force you to have to do in-app purchases to buy more power pack points which is frustrating. Now, unless you are patient and have all the time in the world, then feel free to do so.

In my case, I stopped playing after having Superman and Wonder Woman reach level 30. The fact that you have to pay 1,500 power pack points just to be able to play the Flash and Green made me want to stop playing the game.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a fun game. I loved it. But I just could not keep on playing it forever because of some limitations.

Playing this in the new iPhone (5) or the latest iTouch may be better than its predecessors. The shortness of the screen had my character not doing any punches at all. I guess I got used with my Samsung Galaxy S2 that the controls were just right where they are supposed to be but in this case gave me a hard time making sure my right thumb was in the right place.

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