The Scrabble Word Finder

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Scrabble is an easy game to play. The problem is finding the words that can give you the most points. The longer the words, the more points you get.

The Scrabble Word Finder by Blogmybrain would generate a list of words that uses available letters to fit a defined pattern. Each words generated would also be linked to the dictionary definition to help the player learn the words.

This is not meant to be used as a Scrabble Cheat but consider thinking of this as a tool to help you with your vocabulary to discover new words and become attentive in spotting known ones.

The scrabble word finder is different from other word finders on the web by being able to do pattern matching. Other word finders in the web would only generate a word when giving a list of available letters, ignoring the fact that a word need to be connected to the scrabble board using a letter currently on the board.

Think about it. This tool can greatly help improve your vocabulary, better the odds at winning the game, and even getting better at the game making scrabble a more fun experience to play, boosting self-esteem in front of friends and families.

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