In-App Purchasing Can Be Addicting & Dangerous

From the moment in-app purchasing was first introduced as the hoards of mobile apps appeared daily, I said to myself I will never use in-app purchasing in my life.

Guess I was wrong.

Remember a few posts I had awhile back regarding Arcane Legends? Well, I finally purchased a few platinum coins from them because I wanted to open as much achievements as I can and some items can only be unlocked with the use of platinum coins.

Sure, there are free platinum coins from offers but they are still limited. So I finally made my first purchase. I did not regret it of course because I knew what I wanted to use those platinum coins for.

But no way will I be tempted to do another 1. It can be addicting but also dangerous. Sure, it is easy to do in-app purchasing using your credit card. But if you do not have the discipline to control, then you may get broke sooner than later.


The photo above shows an in-app purchase page for gold. Arcane Legends features in-app purchasing for both gold and platinum coins so it is up to you which one you want. In my case, I wanted to buy platinum coins so I could get platinum-only pet eggs.

Just be careful doing in-app purchasing in mobile apps. While they can be addicting, they can also be dangerous and if you are trigger happy with those finger of yours tapping on any in-app purchasing items you encounter, it won’t be long before you will be headed to bankruptcy.

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