Contra Evolution For Android

Ah Contra … up-down-up-down-b-a-b-a-select-start combo. Nintendo fans can still surely remember that 100 lives combination.

While I am not sure if the same combination can be applied in the Android version, I do not think 100 lives is necessary considering that even with a very long layoff from playing my last Contra game, I do not need 100 lives to finish this one.


Contra: Evolution features better graphics but the same maps and game style and a slew of two new female characters with different styles of attack.

Now, just choose any character you like and start your trigger happy finger to keep on firing destroying any enemies your character will come across with.

If you want to relive the Contra experience, this game is worth a look. Rather than play with the same classic graphical environment that you first experienced playing it, a better looking high definition version of the same classic game is a better choice.

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