Dungeon Of Legends For Android

dolYes, after so long that I got hooked up with Arcane Legends, this will be my first app game review after more than half a year I guess.

So what do I think of Dungeon of Legends? Well, the graphics are pretty good. But the gameplay sucks. The character moves in slow motion of some sort.

It was only the start of the game and I gave up on it. While there are many puzzles in this game, the gameplay itself is what turned me off. The controls should have been good to begin with. Instead, it felt different and it turned me off.


I would have liked it if the game provided some battle options to fend off or destroy enemies. But all Dungeon of Legends provides is a set of room puzzles for you to collect keys, get past the next room, avoid traps and enemies and clear the level.

Does not look exciting to me.

Although try it. You might like it. We all do not have the same preferences so who knows, give this a try. You might enjoy it after playing a few levels. I prefer the hack and slash type of RPG game. Not this one though.

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