TurnPage Digital Publishing Solution

Publishing companies like newspapers and magazines have turned to mobile as the trend increases every day. Considering that majority of the people has a smartphone these days, it just makes sense to get in on the bandwagon and join the mobile technology frenzy.

True, reading magazines and newspapers in my smartphone is not comfortable and soothing to the eye. Well, unless you are using an iPhone. Even the new one is just not right. But tablets and phablets? They are a hit for sure.

If you want your publications to be spread around and reach a wide audience, you would want them to be digitized and published in a way that can reach your target audience.

The TurnPage digital magazine software solution intends to do just that. What you do is submit your documents ina  PDF format and they will then convert it digitally publishing your documents for mobile and even desktop.

That is not all. It transforms it into a whole new user friendly interactive experience where users can flip through animated pages full of images and articles as if the publication was directly in front of them. Videos can be viewed, links can be accessed, songs and sound clips can play directly from the interactive pages.

Publishers can also customize options and colors to create a unique branded environment. TurnPage is totally flexible!

And by digitizing your documents, you are encouraging a paper free world by helping preserve the environment by saving paper, reducing printing, saving the trees and help decrease green house gases in the process.

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