Geophysical Equipments

Discovering the secrets held within the earth is an ongoing process that many people have been passionate about for generations. We’ve discovered an endless amount of compelling information by digging in the dirt, and we continue to hunt for new treasures buried within the most sandy depths.

Paleontologists and archaeologists make a career out of digging for special artifacts and ancient bones. While we’ve never existed during the same time as dinosaurs, we’ve certainly learned a great deal about the scaled giants through digs.

Tombs and secrets long buried have also opened our eyes to the mystique of civilizations and cultures we weren’t able to experience for ourselves. It’s in this way that digging provides a gateway for people to experience the past in a unique and visceral way. If it weren’t for unearthed information, so much of our history would be lost.

That’s why geophysical equipment is so important. Instead of having to rely on informed estimates, a device such as an earth resistivity meter will let you know what’s under the earth’s surface before the dig begins. utilizing electrodes that send charges across the ground, it’s able to print a readout that gauges exactly what is located at various depths within the soil.

The SuperSting R1 IP is an example of a portable version of such a device. It even features a programmable function that allows you to set measurements in memory for future use. This device is excellent for professionals in the field. It’s a great investment in your digs.

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