Well, this took me awhile. But it was a pain not being able to load images from within my CSS file. The problem lies because the absolute path is different when you test it compared with the result when deployed.

Let us say this is how I want my button to look like:

When you run it in your local development environment, you wonder why the image would not load. Try to call this within your code

and you will see why. In my case, the result was something like E:/folder/build/classes/images/bullet_black.png

Now, for it to work if you call it from within the CSS file, you would have to do it like this:

The problem then is when you deploy it, there is no drive E from inside the JAR file. So what is the solution then?

Do it programmatically. This is how I did it within my Button class

If only we could use the @- keyword to make it look like this:

But we cannot as it is a Java FX limitation and this keyword is ignored.

From the name itself is already quite obvious what JustCloud is all about. It is a cloud backup service where one can store all their files and documents which hold dear to them over the internet.

Why back up?

There will come a point in time where your computer may get attacked by a virus. The computer system may crash and the files may not be recoverable. Sometimes, unknowingly you could delete your own files. Kids can also innocently delete files to make place for their games. These are but a few of so many possibilities that can happen.

There are many incidents that can happen and the precious data can be lost forever. However, with the help of a cloud online computer backup service, one can store all the data over the internet. This is extremely helpful as any kind of computer system failure like a virus attack or a hardware crash will not affect the availability of the data and it can be retrieved from the internet.

JustCloud provides this valuable service to all those who wish to find a secure way to backup their files. These files can also be accessed from anywhere at any given point of time without any restriction on the type of device on which they can be accessed.

You can find out more about this Cloud Backup Review here.

Technology is ever evolving. As technology enables more paths to your systems and information, your users, endpoints and lines of defense become blurred.

Just imagine the sheer volume of data surrounding cyber security operations becomes more overwhelming each day. Securing this world of ethereal connections is a continuous cycle of detecting and deterring threats and developing new responses to new attack vectors.

There is no time where one can say, ok this site is now secure, we can rest easy. This is a wrong perception. In fact, it has only begun. You need to constantly maintain your system and protect it from the also evolving security threats that can affect your system.

Risking it is dangerous. Once your system gets compromised, the results can be catastrophic.

The TWD cybersecurity solutions team is proficient in leading security technologies and best practices, and provides a full range of network defense tools and services to minimize risk, increase your visibility and control and secure your network systems and information.

Their team are all certified security professionals who have deep knowledge and experience designing and implementing industry leading innovative IT security solutions. They ensure compliance on systems and areas that range from unclassified to “top secret security levels.

Check them out.

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