How To Make Buttons In Android Easily. Use Android Button Maker

I wanted to use PNG for my buttons but considering that I suck when it comes to graphics, and I do not have the time to surf and learn how to make one with normal and pressed button states, I was lucky to chance upon the Android Button Maker website.

Now, if you only are into those simple and minimalistic styled buttons, this website will help you easily create buttons without using images. Yes, only XML code is needed.


What’s more, when you want to set something like choosing a color, the results are shown in real time. Even the source code too!

The developer did a very good job with this. There are detailed instructions on how to use the XML files in the layout which can also help developers new to Android.

So I would like to say kudos to his work. The developer who made this definitely helped save me quite a lot of time. If there is some easier and quicker way to make a simple button, why make an image, right? It will only add up to memory consumption too ;).


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