Farewell Arcane Legends. Screw You!


I have to admit, Arcane Legends is a great game. It was the first multiplayer mobile game that I really got hooked with.

I even thought I could go on and play the game forever even if I kept playing the same maps over and over. But all things come to and end although this one was not out of boredom. This was more about how their customer service sucks.

And by sucks, I meant the arrogant type. If you play Arcane Legends then you definitely know that the elixir button just beside the health and mana potions is annoying. There is no prompt that you actually want to go ahead with the purchase. Just one tap and your platinum coins get deducted.

There is no problem emailing support to have it reimbursed. But I was pretty ticked off when after two weeks I emailed them again to have the platinum coins refunded because I accidentally tapped on the elixir button again, I got a harsh reply.

Here is the email exchange.

*******: Hello,

Unfortunately you have received far to many refunds for us to be able to process any more. To prevent any further accidental purchases, please activate the purchase confirmation option immediately.

To activate this option:

Log into Arcane Legends on your character of choice
Tap your character portrait to open the menu and tap on Options
Under the Game Options I tab, select “Confirm Platinum Purchases”

Please note that we will not be able to provide refunds for future accidents that could have been prevented with this option.

So I replied back.

Me: wow. how come this was not enabled in the first place. this is a lame excuse

The next reply was what really ticked me off.

*******: You have had numerous refunds for “accidental” purchases before and that is the reason you are not entitled to any further refunds. The purchase confirmation is not an excuse, it is the only way you have of protecting yourself from your own “accidental” purchases.

The freaking person did not even answer my question. I for one had been clamoring for Spacetime Studios to do something about accidental purchases. I did not know about the new option that he mentioned so I asked if this was enabled by default because if it was, then I would accept it as my own fault for unchecking all the options.

However, the ingrate did not answer my question but took exception on my reply that it was a lame excuse.

This was clearly not a customer service agent who answered my email. Seems more like a developer to me. So there. I invested some cash with Arcane Legends before but I will never play the game again because of this jack-ass’s response.

To make sure I never get involved with the game again, I gave all my items and gold to people whom I have played with and known since I started playing the game. I also deleted my hard earned toon to be 100% safe that I will never ever play Arcane Legends again.

Well Spacetime Studios, I may not be much of a big customer to you but you certainly lost one because of how one of your staff handled my issue.

Congratulations and screw you!

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