The Made in NY Media Center By IFP

The following is a sponsored review.

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP offers dedicated desk space, business development, mentorship, networking and opportunities to build community with other entrepreneurs, technologists, storytellers and visionaries. These are but a few of what a member can expect.

This laboratory space enables people from all walks of life to exchange ideas, discuss and work together to transform the creative process in the digital age. All in one roof.


And to kick off the month long celebration of their 1 year anniversary, members of the Media Center get a chance to meet with former AOL and Time Warner Chairman Jon Miller. This is a rare opportunity that not everybody will get a chance to have.

Apply by October 17th to get a chance to meet Jon Miller face to face! You not only will get the chance to be able to talk to him in person, but you will also be to gain a one on one insight from him, a renowned network business guru.

This Media incubator is intended to be a hub of interaction and collaboration between techies and storytellers in New York City. IFP has never worked within the tech world before and now they have opened their doors as they feel it is the right time to reach out to gather a massive crowd to jumpstart this community.

Members will have benefits from subscription monthly fees. You pay for a little but looking at the vast benefits that you can gain from it, I would say it is a win-win situation for any member. For one thing, members will have access to dedicated desk space, reserve-able conference rooms (each with moveable furniture to accommodate different working styles) and editing and production suites as well as use of a high-tech screening room and proximity to creative professionals in the film, TV, video, gaming, tech and advertising industries.


While this initiative is fairly new, some people like you may not have gotten concrete answers on its direction. However, one good thing about this is that the members themselves play a huge role in helping shape the future of the incubator.

Considering the way media is produced and consumed has changed in so many ways ever since it first started, this collaboration between members can produce strong working relationships, partnerships and a promising future.

So, do not forget to mark your calendar. Remind yourself to apply in order to get the rarest of chances to have a chance and meet Jon Miller face to face, have a chat, discuss and exchange ideas and insights and just plain have fun.

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